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Coat and shoe storage

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Slothlikesundays Fri 03-Feb-17 22:06:27

I have zero storage. Zero. There are coats and shoes everywhere. Since minisloth arrived it seems worse and she's not even wearing shoes yet. What can I do?? I'm limited with space. I have a cupboard under the stairs but the door is on the wrong side so it's essentially long and wedge shaped (useless). My hall already has the pram, mop, vac and dog cage in it so is essentially full. Help!

empirerecordsrocked Fri 03-Feb-17 22:11:17

We have coat racks on the wall - one adult height and one child. Only essential coats get stored there - e.g. School coats during the week and then they go upstairs until Monday and swapped for weekend coats.

Shoes are In an ikea kallax box thing, again only essentials, under stairs next to dog basket.

Small house, twins and dog means we have to stay on top of it or there would be stuff everywhere and no room to put it.

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