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Friffing side tables...!

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SherlocksDeerstalker Wed 01-Feb-17 20:27:51

Has anybody noticed any super slim bedside tables around lately? Im talking 25cm wide max? I need to stop procrastinating and finish the spare room as MIL and FIL are visiting soon, and i want it to be all nice and 'done' and not just a bed in a box room. I have looked on so many sites my head is going to explode...

wobblywonderwoman Wed 01-Feb-17 20:30:34

Try searching for plant pot tables - will try to link

wobblywonderwoman Wed 01-Feb-17 20:34:15

Might be too small ?

Okite Wed 01-Feb-17 20:35:16

We got some super tiny ones from next a few years back, I'll have a nosy and see if they still do them...

Okite Wed 01-Feb-17 20:39:44

Hmm, they don't do ours at next anymore. Had a quick google but 30cm seems to be the general minimum. Did find [ this one], 25.6cm!

Okite Wed 01-Feb-17 20:40:46

Doh sorry, link fail

OutwardBound2016 Wed 01-Feb-17 20:41:54

Ikea have some Hemnes tall skinny ones and LaRedoute have a good selection

SherlocksDeerstalker Wed 01-Feb-17 21:05:18

wobbly I think that might do it! You're a star. I hadn't thought of searching for telephone table or plant stand.

Thanks Okite and outward - I was in ikea today but nothing under 30cm. I appreciate the ideas!

OutwardBound2016 Wed 01-Feb-17 21:36:06

If your ok with oak the Cotswold Company 'Alderley' are 27cm wide

museumum Wed 01-Feb-17 21:39:43

We use stools.

ImperialBlether Wed 01-Feb-17 21:42:48

Here's one

wobblywonderwoman Wed 01-Feb-17 23:13:42

Oh great, I use a similar in the hall as a lamp stand

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