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Help with decorating

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kel1234 Wed 01-Feb-17 12:00:18

We will be decorating our little boys bedroom.
Currently it has absolutely awful wood chip paper, that has been painted an equally awful lilac colour (it was like this when we moved in, and because he's been in our room until recently we never worried about it).
In an ideal world, if time and money allowed, we would strip the paper off and paint the walls. But we don't have the time or money for that. And plus we don't know how long we will actually be living here, so don't want to spend a fortune on decorating.
We intend to clean and repaint over the paper, paint the radiator, and of course all woodwork.
I know you use gloss to pain the wood, and you can get radiator paint to paint that. But what type of paint is best for walls?
Also colour? I want a baby blue, but was thinking of having a feature wall- which would be the chimney breast wall- I wasn't sure what colour would go well. At first I thought a darker blue. Then remembered my old room at my mums was a lovely baby pink and light grey colour, so wondered if baby blue and light grey would work?
If it helps the carpet is a dark blue and the whole house is carpeted so we won't be changing that. And the curtains will hopefully be a blue colour.
Any advice appreciated as I know nothing about decorating at all.

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wowfudge Wed 01-Feb-17 21:28:28

Watch some YouTube videos - you'll get lots of tips and it will give you confidence. You can use emulsion on the radiator - spend the money on decent brushes and rollers instead.

kel1234 Thu 02-Feb-17 01:06:56

We have brushes and rollers already

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