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Which plants for a bathroom?

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busyrascal Fri 27-Jan-17 11:36:23

Our bathroom is sooooooo wet! The previous owners used the wrong paint on the walls so the dampness used to soak into the walls but now we have bathroom paint, the walls and ceiling are literally dripping every time we use the shower. I'm after some plants to go on the window sill but they obviously need to be able to cope with high amounts of moisture in the air. Any recommendations? I'm particularly interesting in 'dangly' ones grin

JT05 Sat 28-Jan-17 00:14:01

Ferns would love the atmosphere, if you want dangly then the good old spider plant would do well. They are virtually impossible to kill!

Qwebec Sat 28-Jan-17 03:36:40

Nearly all plants will be very happy there providing you have enough light.
To them high humidity is bliss. smile Spider plant is a great suggestion.

P.s. maybe not possible/relevant but an exhaust fan could help, and make the house more comfortable esp. in the winter

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