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Study / storage / guest room

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Brighteyes27 Mon 23-Jan-17 17:25:35

We converted our old garage several years ago into a decent sized downstairs loo and the other room on the plans was called a study. Yes we have a desk and computer in there but it always looks untidy and has become a dumping ground for school bags, shoes, clothes aired in winter etc. It isn't a massive space but could be converted into bed space (for MIL), desk space and storage space. Would you get a sofa bed or a bed/day bed? I think a bed might be more comfortable but might always look untidy if kids use it to sit on? If a sofa bed any ideas of anything comfortable, practical easy to use that doesn't blow the budget? Thanks I can put room dimensions and layout on if it would help? Thanks

BackforGood Mon 23-Jan-17 23:27:13

I think if someone is staying regularly then it's probably better to get a bed. Not many sofabeds would be comfy for more than the occasional night.

Would they use it to sit on ? I mean, I presume you have another 'sitting' room, and they'd only need to be in there to use as a study.

wobblywonderwoman Mon 23-Jan-17 23:33:58

What about the IKEA day bed - they look great

thisonehasalittlecar Mon 23-Jan-17 23:40:23

I've got this one from Ikea --I've slept on it and it's pretty comfy. I would advise against the white though. Children! hmm

Brighteyes27 Tue 24-Jan-17 13:42:37

Unsure really as to length of stay/regularity of visitor/visitors. Suspect it would be two or three nights maybe half a dozen times a year. Yes we have two other living rooms one a front room (was supposed to be our best room but now also houses the dreaded x box) and the other is open plan family living room, kitchen diner with curved couch. Ideally I would like to incorporate the study/bedroom/storage space to also house the Xbox. But don't want the room to look a mess from the outside. It is currently a mess so I keep the blinds permanently closed.

Dmitri Tue 24-Jan-17 13:49:40

I would also recommend an ikeaish sofa, since you could always dismantle and rearrange if you have to. There are many second hand offers out there, really depends where you have your boundaries on smile

Brighteyes27 Tue 24-Jan-17 14:02:24

'This one has a little car' that looks nice and yes definitely wouldn't go for the white due to DC's. Is it light enough to put up and put down as it would be mainly for MIL.?

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