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Bathroom basics?

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MakeMineADoubleGin Mon 23-Jan-17 13:44:11

Where do I start with planning a new bathroom? Having just walked round IKEA I feel like I need guidance!

I'd like to get someone in for a quote who can do a bit of building work (there's an old boiler cupboard that needs taking out and pipes moving) and then do the bathroom fitting too.

After getting messed around with a building company when I had a kitchen extension done a few years ago, I'm a bit nervous about getting shafted again!

Do I need a builder or a bathroom design company or….what? Ideally I'd like one person/team to come in, do all the work and I don't mind paying a premium for that, rather than faffing with stuff myself

More than happy to do some research if anyone's got pointers…

Many thanks!

DorcasthePuffin Mon 23-Jan-17 19:05:48

THIS is the thread I needed to start! Awaiting replies with interest...

MakeMineADoubleGin Wed 25-Jan-17 19:29:47

Have you had any ideas yet dorcas?

DorcasthePuffin Wed 25-Jan-17 23:04:37

It's a small shower room and nothing in it is functioning! The previous owners boasted that they imported a madly expensive shower that has steam jets, built in radio, seat etc. IN other words, so much to go wrong - and it has. I want to replace it with a simple, good quality shower that won't go wrong. I'm VERY scared by all this stuff about the different types of shower, and how you know what you need (water pressure etc).

The sink and toilet are also pretty bust. I want a toilet that fits flush to the wall so I don't have to clean grotty pipework. And I want a simple white sink with a proper plug, not one of those lever ones that always break (thanks for that tip, PigletJohn). Occasionally I have flights of fancy that I'd like to fit supataps because I love them, but I don't think they make them anymore and I'm too scared to buy original ones.

And I'll need to retile and repaint. Painting is the only bit I'm not scared of. I think I'll keep it simple: white tiles and a really strong, dark paint (it's a tiny room, and very light).

What about you? As nobody is coming to save us grin

DorcasthePuffin Wed 25-Jan-17 23:05:22

Most of all I am, like you, happy to pay for the convenience of somebody sorting it out for me, but I really don't want to get ripped off. I'm in London, with no man, and IME this often leads to trouble...

Wingedharpy Wed 25-Jan-17 23:56:37

I have recently had my downstairs loo converted into a wetroom/shower room.
It took me years to get round to doing it because basically, I couldn't figure out how we could fit it all in to such a small space, but once I'd worked out how it was possible, I got in touch with a local plumber who had been recommended to me.
He listened to what I wanted and he made suggestions, some of which I declined and some of which I went with and eventually between the 2 of us, we had a workable plan.
It involved moving a door from one wall to another, reducing a ceiling height, digging up the floor and other horrors.
Many items, ie toilet, taps,sink,shower, radiator and tiles I sourced because I didn't want just any old thing.
Some of these, I bought and others, which could be purchased locally, my plumber bought.
He dealt with all the technical stuff like valves, pipes, extractor fan and lights
but he consulted with me at every stage as he had sussed out quite quickly that I'm a fussy madam.
I was very lucky with my plumber in that he could turn his hand to anything.
Tiling, boxing pipework in, moving radiators, making the new doorway etc were all done by him.
I did wonder at one stage if he was Piglet John!!
I would suggest talking to local friends, family and neighbours to see if anyone can give you a personal recommendation.
IMHO these sort of professionals have contacts so if they can't or are not permitted to do something themselves, they will have a contact they can call on to do that bit of the job.
I'm delighted with the end result and wish you both luck with your projects.
I'm about to embark on another bit of work and this workman I got via my local trading standards "recommended traders" section of our council's website as I couldn't find anyone who had this type of work done.
I will wait and see if this was a good move or not!!!

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