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Ideas please DD 7 bedroom ideas

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threewonders1 Sun 22-Jan-17 22:06:41

My daughter will be 8 in May and we are staring to get ideas to paint her bedroom. Its not a massive room, atm, its shades of pink. Ideally would like to just paint and add frames with prints to her walls so she is not going to outgrow a wallpaper wall.

Need some colour inspiration please. Something she can grow with thanks

StarUtopia Sun 22-Jan-17 22:12:37

We painted our daughter's room grey. The furniture is all white. It's stunning.

I got my inspiration off pinterest.

threewonders1 Sun 22-Jan-17 22:15:28

StarUtopia sounds lovely - yes I must strike pinterest up again, but find it overwhealming sometimes x

JT05 Mon 23-Jan-17 07:54:20

There is some wall paper with empty picture frames on it. How about a small section of this so that she can paste on pictures of her choosing. Grey and white sounds lovely, with pops of colour in the duvet, light shades, curtains and door handles. You could have a motif theme such as butterflies.
What colour is the flooring?

MargotLovedTom1 Mon 23-Jan-17 08:00:07

What does your daughter want?

threewonders1 Mon 23-Jan-17 12:58:50

MargotLovedTom1 my daughter, I have spoken to my daughter we have agreed on putting whatever she wants in frames and her choosing the bedroom linen etc, but as for the paint on the walls I don't think she really minds, she might say butterfly wallpaper but know after a few months she would be bored of it! x

MargotLovedTom1 Mon 23-Jan-17 14:32:14

Yes, plain paint is good. My dd was hankering after black walls - I said she's quite welcome to go for that when she has her own place!

threewonders1 Mon 23-Jan-17 16:20:34

MargotLovedTom1 bless her eh! x

Mcchickenbb41 Mon 23-Jan-17 20:09:22

We painted our dd3 room Egyptian cotton and wallpapered half of it Esme from laura Ashley. I love it. I know your not looking to wallpaper any of it but ec goes with everything. Grey sounds lovely too

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