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Out2pasture Sun 22-Jan-17 03:24:43

such a dilemma sad
I have a discontinued set of Wimbledon by Minton (hubby finds it too thin, afraid the knife will go through it, dd loves it and piece by piece I've been bringing them to her house.
I have a discontinued set of Sunny Day by Lambethware again discontinued but it's not a full set, many missing cups and bowls. Some of the dishes have lost their shiny coating. I see bits and pieces online but shipping is a problem. I have good memories of buying a piece each payday. sentimental attachment but rarely use the set.
Two years ago I bought myself a set of 4 Denby Linen...from Costco...great price...again it appears to be discontinued as a 16 piece set.
We retired and at the time only had a small family and didn't socialize
but now the family is growing and we've started to entertain ohhhhh say monthly.
Please someone tell me i'm not being wasteful. My plan of action is to bring the Denby up to a set of 8 and get an off white set of 40 from Mikasa English Countryside. Then donate all the other bits and bobs to the good will.

Out2pasture Sun 22-Jan-17 03:30:13

Mikasa wont ship to Canada argh.....

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