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Voiles curtains + roller blinds

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GabbieAbbie Sat 21-Jan-17 10:07:47

Just bought a new house with 2 bedrooms that overlook the street. I'm thinking about getting some fairly sheer voile curtains to stop people looking in and then fitting a blackout roller blind in the recess to block out street lights at night. I was going to go the other way round but a John Lewis assistant advised that a voile roller blind wouldn't give much privacy. I've tried googling for pictures of a similar arrangement but can't find much. Would this look ok or are roller blinds just not a good look in a bedroom?

JJBlinks Sat 21-Jan-17 12:23:32

Depends what you like. My parents have voile roller blinds in their living room (from ikea) as it faces the street. They then have heavier curtains that match the decor in the room. Whilst you can see through the roller blinds, people on the street can't see into the room clearly and they let light in. If you had voile blinds in a bedroom you couldn't change etc without closing the curtains but it would screen your bedroom from people looking in whilst letting light into your bedroom during the day. Personally I think the voile blinds keep the room looking bright and then you can have any type of blackout curtains you wanted. I think it's all a question of taste and what you think looks best!

Allsloppy Sat 21-Jan-17 13:52:08

I have sheer blinds in white sugar from web blinds bought when half price. They are a modern version of nets in that you can see out but not see in. They have updated my rooms and have one with a roman blind and one with curtains. I absolutely love them. Wilson blinds do a similar blind.

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