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Has anyone got the ikea divan bed? Need a little help

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sammyjayneex Fri 20-Jan-17 19:38:16

Hello. I want to buy a new bed due to me needing to swap rooms with my girls so they can have the bigger bedroom so I will need to get rid of my previous ikea black bed frame (with slats) and the matresss and get a divan ( because they are more compact) and my DH said these type of beds are good and our bed is 8 years old and Has a slatted base. I hate slatted beds because slats always come off and hard to clean room. Anyway I have seen some divan beds in ikea but on the website it shows the bed bases being sold in two halves. I have a budget of £250, can't go above that but it says the bases are £80 but it only shows half so does this mean I have to buy the bases separate which which would come to £160 and then I buy the mattress. Has anyone got one of these beds and how are they ?

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