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Has anyone painted ikea malm range?

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JJBlinks Fri 20-Jan-17 18:41:54

Have the dressing table and stool in dark brown. Now we've moved house I'd like it to be a white / grey colour. I've watched a YouTube video where a woman makes painting it look v easy and lovely result. Has anyone tried? before I spend a fortune on chalk paint and hours of my life in the garage painting!!

HopeClearwater Fri 20-Jan-17 18:43:56

It's got to be cheaper in terms of time and money spent on paint and your own effort just to repurchase the Malm stuff in a different colour and flog your old pieces.

JJBlinks Fri 20-Jan-17 18:45:52

Fair point. I kind of fancied making them a light grey colour but I think I'm getting carried away.....grin. I just wondered if anyone had tried painting them - the YouTube woman (US) based make hers look amazing...

VeritysWatchTower Sat 21-Jan-17 14:34:03

I haven't but have researched this a lot as we considered painting a bed we had from Ikea.

Use a decent primer such as Zinsser BIN 123, and use a foam craft brush to avoid brush marks. Then topcoat in whatever colour paint you want.

If you can test an area underneath first, you can hone your skills without it making a mess grin

If you have a Pinterest account, there are lots of "hacks" and painted Ikea furniture pics and tutorials. Plus it personalises something to you rather than the colours Ikea dictates.

southwest1 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:01:25

I painted an Expedit unit with chalk paint. Didn't use any primer or anything, just chalk paint straight onto the unit, then once it was dry I used the wax over the top. Does look nice even if it's not perfect, I did it in a bit of a hurry, but it's now dark blue rather than the pale wood shade it was and looks so much nicer now.

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