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Corner sofa like the Loaf Cloud.

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Blowninonabreeze Fri 20-Jan-17 09:52:46

We're currently having an extension and I'd planned to order a loaf corner cloud sofa to complete it.
loaf sofa here

However...... I happened to stumble across the loaf 'visitor posts' section on FB yesterday, and it seems their customer service is beyond APPALLING.

Am torn because I love the sofa, and appreciate that generally only the negatives are posted on social media, but the poor reviews are literally endless!

Has anyone seen anything similar elsewhere or can suggest anywhere else to look? I very much want a corner sofa, rather than a normal sofa with an extension at one end for legs.

Thanks in advance

2boys1girl1dog Sun 05-Nov-17 09:47:32

I there, I know it’s been a few months since you posted this but can I ask you if you went ahead with the cloud sofa? We’re ordering the XL corner one And now worried we’ve made a mistake!!

nigelschristmasham Mon 11-Dec-17 14:45:38

I just ordered a chair from loaf. Mixed views on the service. Initial delivery date was 27th November, arranged two months prior at point of ordering .They messaged a week before to say that due to a supply issue they couldn't deliver til 5th December. That sucked a bit tbh as wanted it before putting tree up etc. They didn't really apologise or explain the 'supply' Issue.
That said the delivery men were great, removed lounge door, no bother etc etc....

faustina Tue 12-Dec-17 08:44:43

I ordered a sofa from them in September. It was delivered on time (that service was great too) and all issues were dealt with promptly inc a refund for a swap of legs afterwards. The reviews are alarming on Facebook. the ones on Trustpilot are a bit more balanced

Fantasticmissfoxy Tue 12-Dec-17 20:33:55

We've got two loaf sofas and a chair and have no problem with the customer service at all

Blowninonabreeze Mon 18-Dec-17 17:57:45

Apologies, I didn't see your replies until now. Thanks for your thoughts.

I wasn't happy to risk the loaf one, instead went with a corner from which we're very happy with.

I do periodically check loaf's visitor posts on FB though, it's hard to believe ANY company can be so bad. And yet they still allow visible visitor posts. Hard to believe they're still in business.

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