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Which Farrow & Ball white??

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swillows Thu 19-Jan-17 13:58:47

We are having alcove cupboards and shelving fitted in our south-west facing dining room. We are in an Edwardian terraced house. The joiner says his standard colour for painting the units is F&B Wevet which he described as a 'contemporary white'. I have bought a tester pot and put some on the existing skirting boards. I really have no idea! It doesn't help that the light has been rubbish for days and I never see the room in daylight during the week.

The room will be v pale green (possibly Dulux Dusted Moss 3) along with a feature wall of flowery wallpaper in pale green and silver. We have a cast iron combination fireplace with v dark green tiles. I was planning to paint the ceiling and cornicing to match the shelving.

The joiner has confused me by saying 'contemporary' white. I am going for a fairly traditional look in the room but the existing table and chairs is modern-ish (chairs are rattan). Is there a 'better' F&B white?? Wimborne seems the more traditional.

Or should I stop worrying about such nonsense? hmm

AradiasDaughter Thu 19-Jan-17 16:52:58

Haveyou got a Farrow and Ball colour chart to look at? We have one if you want me to post up the white shades? I can also ask DH when he gets in as he's a painter/ decorator by trade and loves F&B

swillows Thu 19-Jan-17 17:47:01

Thank you for the offer but I do have a card. I wanted to avoid having to buy loads of white tester pots for comparison shock If you could ask DH what he thinks of Wevet or what white he would pair with my pale green / silvery colour scheme that would be a huge help! TIA

littleone7 Thu 19-Jan-17 17:49:24

We have just done our whole house in Wevet with Cornforth White woodwork. Ours is a Victorian house! It's a lovely colour.

HowardMoonsJazzTrumpet Thu 19-Jan-17 17:51:27

I'd describe Wevet as a grey rather than a white and would think it a little on the cool side for a SW facing room.

Wimborne is lovely but is very crisp and bright.

IMissGin Thu 19-Jan-17 17:52:40

All our woodwork in our Georgian house is slowly being painted winbourne white. I think it's lovely and goes with most other colours.

Crumbs1 Thu 19-Jan-17 17:53:11

There was one called Clunge a while back. We chose it just because the name made us laugh.

Newtssuitcase Thu 19-Jan-17 17:55:53

Clunch is very far from white. I have it in my dining room and my guest room. Its a sort of greyish beige. Its very dark next to the white panelling,

Crumbs1 Thu 19-Jan-17 18:21:27

It is indeed a greyish beige colour - sort of dark white!

IMissGin Fri 20-Jan-17 10:39:44

I've got Wimborne against calamine, drop cloth, skimming stone and slipper satin so far if you want to see any

Kit30 Fri 20-Jan-17 10:51:56

Why not phone your local F&B shop for advice? The website is also helpful with colour schemes. You might want to consider a white with greenish undertones so it won't 'fight' with the rest of the room.
If you're using Dulux on the walls why not ask your local Dulux Decorating Centre or go on their website?
No rule that says you have to use F&B just because your decorator suggests it

mintthins Fri 20-Jan-17 10:55:18

Wimborne white changes massively with the light. We used it extensively in a south facing house (whole of upstairs) and it was beautifully crisp and clean looking. We are now in a NW facing house, and it looks very very cream. I can't believe the difference. Agree with PP though, use the tools on the website or talk to someone in a F&B shop.

swillows Sat 21-Jan-17 15:23:50

I went to my local Brewers decorating centre this morning. Very disappointed with their lack of assistance - to the point of disinterest hmm

Am looking at the Wevet I've painted onto bits of the skirting board - it's white!!!! But then the skirting boards are currently yellow

Think I will mention dilemma to joiner - see what he has to say.....

cazzyc Wed 25-Jan-17 21:03:48

Sorry to hijack, but littleone7 would you mind posting a pic of your woodwork and wall? I'm despers for a colour scheme where the woodwork is darker than the walls in grey or beige tones. Thanks!

StiffenedPleat Wed 25-Jan-17 23:23:25

F&B Pointing is a lovely neutral off white. it would look very good with the pale green you describe. Wevet is grey to my mind.

StiffenedPleat Wed 25-Jan-17 23:24:30

I find Wimborne much too bright white.

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