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Master Bedroom in Attic decorating ideas please

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ardamo Wed 18-Jan-17 00:02:59

I go tend to lurk rather than post but your posts have so far done you very proud and got me through a full house renovation with advice etc!

Now got the decorator in and thought I'd slowed down decision making by saying so the ceilings first but he's about done and needs a colour for my room on the attic...

Will try to post pictures but it is a south facing attic room with 2 big velux windows on the front (where you see the hills/fields) and 3 at the back facing north too high to see much just sky.

Woodwork is white and the doors are oak. There is an ensuite off the room with travertine/sandy coloured tiles although not sure how much they need to work together.

It's a really light room with high ceiling so keen to keep it feeling open but add some colour. Had thought a pale bluey/green like F&B borrowed light or light blue but not sure if it needs something warmer? Or just a darker feature wall on the tall wall behind the bed? The house is a traditional stone cottage that I've completely modernised I hope keeping a cottagey charm so don't want to lose that just feel I've run out of ideas and decision making capacity!! Would love to hear your thoughts?

Sorry no great pics of the whole room.

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CrimsonKing Wed 18-Jan-17 05:30:20

Personally I would do it in a warm white to make it as light as possible and bring colour with accessories. I would avoid F&B paints because they are such difficult paints to work with.

However if you are considering blues and greens what about.

CrimsonKing Wed 18-Jan-17 05:31:28

I personally hate feature walls. Makes a room look unfinished but if you like them what about something like this?

christinarossetti Wed 18-Jan-17 06:10:47

You're in the Land of Off White, from which there is no return until you've gone through 164 colour pots and decided on Dulux's Timeless.

HardcoreLadyType Wed 18-Jan-17 06:57:46

Ours is some kind of off white - the ceiling is the same as the walls, as some of the walls are not very tall, and I think a different colour would look a bit silly. The en suite bathroom is the same colour.

Unlike you, we don't have a tall wall we could paint a different colour (the only tall wall we have is the one between the bedroom and bathroom, so not really one to make a feature of).

I do think a light blue feature wall behind your bed would look good, though.

ardamo Wed 18-Jan-17 07:09:49

Wow replies already! Don't worry I'm fully signed up to timeless but I manage a large number of student and other rental houses and paint them all timeless so hope mine won't be!

Doesn't have to be blue or F&B completely open.....

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