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Mad to want marble tiles in new bathroom??!

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Scattymere Tue 17-Jan-17 10:56:36

Hi all
We are having loft converted after this year, and I've dreamt about Hamptons's style bathroom for forever... white metro tiles on wall, grey wooden vanity with marble top and hexagonal marble floor tiles. It would be adults only as master bedroom and guest bedroom up there, another bathroom for kids downstairs. Not huge size. But so many people post negatives about marble on the floor? I just adore the look of it and feel I'd regret it if i don't do it, any advice?

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Imamouseduh Wed 18-Jan-17 09:15:38

It scratches very easily is my main gripe. I've had my marble vanity top in for six months and it's already scratched in two places. It's also quite slippery for a bathroom floor.

MrsPeelyWally Thu 19-Jan-17 17:58:34

I live in a country where its common place to have Marble on the floors throughout, also on the walls in the bathrooms. Its very easy to keep although I do agree it can be slippy in the bathroom but I dont see a problem if adults are using the bathroom as you'd expect them to not splash water all over the place. We have a vanity area outside the guest bathroom downstairs, it serves the dining room and the Majlis, it has 2 sinks and a long marble vanity top. Its 10 years old now and looks as good as new.

mypropertea Thu 19-Jan-17 19:37:21

They are hell to clean. I was seduced by a black marble wet room- learn from my error!

MrsPeelyWally Fri 20-Jan-17 07:28:58

They are hell to clean

Thats never been my experience after almost 40 years of marble apart from the house we have now where its only in the vanity area between the dining room and the Majlis. But, I can see how a soapy residue and water marks might show up on black marble.

mypropertea Sun 29-Jan-17 18:37:01

It is the lime scale, every cleaner says "do not use on natural stone" I live in London and it is rediculous!

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