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Adding blackout lining to roman blinds

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cheerup Mon 16-Jan-17 22:33:05

We recently got a large roman blind custom made but neglected to get one with a blackout lining (it's unlined). Not too much of a problem now in winter but in summer it'll be bright v early as window is east facing. It's a big window and a practically new blind so if I would like to add the lining rather than replace the blind. I think it should be simple enough but any potential pitfalls I'm not seeing? I'm not a fantastic seamstress but have knocked up simple curtains before.

Thistledew Mon 16-Jan-17 23:27:19

I have never attempted to add lining to blinds already made, but having recently made some roman blinds, I may have a few pointers:

Adding a blackout fabric will mean that the blind will not fold as easily. I was worried that it would cause real problems in raising the blind, but despite using very thick fabric on our blinds in the bedroom it has not been as bad as I feared. However, I do still sometimes have to pull out the folds so they lie flat, rather than them running up smoothly, and this is after 6 months or so use.

You will also need to connect the lining fabric to the batons and/or facing fabric. On one of the sets of blinds I made, I simply sewed the facing and lining fabrics together to form a channel in between for the batons. On the other, used tape to create channels on the blackout fabric then unobtrusively hand sewed the facing fabric onto the blackout at several points along each baton.

I hope this is helpful!

cheerup Tue 17-Jan-17 21:28:56

Thanks. I think I'll give it a go and post the outcome!

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