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Wallpaper in a kitchen

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WobblyLondoner Sat 14-Jan-17 14:08:40

We're thinking of having one section of wall in our kitchen papered with a very lovely wallpaper by Cole and Son called trees. It's a kitchen diner, and the wall would be at the diner end, nowhere near the cooker or sink. BUT even at that end of the kitchen the wall still gets dirty and we clean it a few times a year, so I'm worried we'll end up either ruining the paper or having to replace it because it looks mucky.

I've wondered about sealing it with a flat varnish but that does seem like a lot of hassle. We could stencil or use decals instead I guess, though they have their own pros and cons.

Interested in whether anyone else has tried wallpaper in a kitchen and how they've found it.

WobblyLondoner Sat 14-Jan-17 14:11:17

It's this wallpaper btw -

Not cheap but we'd only need one roll.

Beckyb1 Sat 14-Jan-17 14:32:46

I think it looks lovely. I know a few people who have wallpaper in their diner side of the kitchen and it always looks nice! I'd say go for it! smile

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