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Where should this armchair go?

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kel12345 Fri 06-Jan-17 20:01:59

So, (to be clear, we have separate living and dining rooms) when we moved into our new house, the back room was set up as the main living room, with the tv and sofas in. So we kept it like that, and had the dining table in the front room. Anyway a few months ago, I decided that I was fed up of always being in the back room, and the house always looking so dark and un lived in from the street, so we switched the rooms around, and now have the dining table in the back room, and the main living room in the front room (I hope that makes sense).
The problem we had is we couldn't fit both sofas in the front room, because of space (narrow alcove means one of the sofas can't go right against the wall, and there was no way we could fit both in. So we left one in the dining room, and got an armchair similar colour to the sofas for the wall where the other sofa wouldn't fit.
With Christmas coming, we put the chair against the other wall, as then Christmas tree had to go in the bay window.
Anyway we had it against the wall on an angle, so it faces the other sofa if you get what I mean? But my dad thinks we should have the chair in the bay window instead. The window is quite low, and we couldn't have the chair pushed right back because of the curtains.
My question is: where should we put the chair?
I've added 3 pictures with the chair in each position, the 1st one is the chair against the far wall on an angle. The 2nd one is the chair against the far wall straight. The 3rd one is the chair in the window.
So, 1,2 or 3? Where would you put it? (And it can't go anywhere else as the mantle piece is on the chimney breast, the tv is on a built in unit the other side of the chimney breast, and the sofa is against the other wall, in front of the radiator (had no other option with that either).
Thank You.

kel12345 Fri 06-Jan-17 20:04:35

In case the height of the window makes any difference, especially when the curtains are open, here's a picture of that.

ToffeeForEveryone Fri 06-Jan-17 20:04:38

In the bay looks a bit random. Not easy to see which is best without a wider photo of the room though.

kel12345 Fri 06-Jan-17 23:47:59

Sorry my phone wouldn't let me post earlier

kel12345 Fri 06-Jan-17 23:50:28

I'll add some more pictures now.

Again excuse the floor, and I moved the pictures from the mantelpiece so excuse that being empty

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