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Vinyl or ceramic tiles for kitchen?

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fudgecat Fri 06-Jan-17 10:27:26

Currently planning to redo the kitchen and am looking into flooring options, at the moment I'm looking at luxury vinyls like anticipated and karndean but I have also seen some ceramic tiles that also look good, any opinions on what the pros and cons are for each?

wowfudge Fri 06-Jan-17 12:03:03

I am getting LVT samples for ours at lunchtime. Pros - warm to the touch, quiet to walk on. Vacuum and mop to keep clean. Cons - it's as good as the fitting really. Poor fitting means you'll have problems. You can't use a steam cleaner as it can loosen the adhesive. The untextured ones can scratch - you need pads on the feet of all furniture anyway.

Fitting can cost more than the flooring. I have found an online retailer which means the product works out quite cheap. Must be fitted to a level surface so marine ply must be screwed to the subfloor first then a screed is applied to fill any gaps.

Ceramic pros: cheaper to fit (make sure you don't have a very pale grout), can be very cheap to buy. Easy to clean and robust. Cons - cold, echoes in large areas. If you drop things they will break.

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