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How long for a quote?

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Susannah2009 Wed 04-Jan-17 21:46:26

Got a sticky situation. I've asked a friends husband to quote us to have our living room, hall and landing painted one colour. When he came over he said it would only be 2/3 days work. This was on Monday and it's now wedsneday. I was promised a quote last night and didn't get one only to be told I'd get one tonight. It's nearly 10pm so I'm guessing I won't get one tonight either. Am I just being inpatient?

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wowfudge Thu 05-Jan-17 07:29:34

Well you've been promised the quote - is that by the friend or the husband? - but it hasn't materialised. Ime it's better if a tradesperson is a bit vague or gives a longer timescale. So, 'I'll get the quote to you in the next few days', or 'you'll have it by the weekend', for example. I hate it when someone says they'll do something by x date then doesn't.

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