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inspire me please - show me your lounge/dining room ceiling light

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wonderwoo Mon 26-Dec-16 08:35:46

I need new ceiling lights for my lounge/diner. I have had a little look around online, but cannot get excited about what I have seen. I find it hard to picture them in a lounge.

I think I light something simple light a white pendant but would love it if people could show me what they have in their lounge/diner/dining room please.

WeeM Fri 30-Dec-16 00:40:36

I'm looking for living room light ideas too-I can't see anything I like! I'm fed up with the sort of crystal look as I've had one for years and fed up looking at it!

Cariadity Sat 31-Dec-16 16:25:50

This is mine, it's called Marta and from litecraft. I love it as it's got the latest look of a feature light with crystals but much more simple and classic.

insancerre Sat 31-Dec-16 16:30:10

B and q

catwithflowers Sat 31-Dec-16 16:55:31

Here's mine

HaveYouSeenHerLately Sat 31-Dec-16 21:01:45

I have an Ikea Knappa fitted close to the ceiling smile

CatsCantFlyFast Sat 31-Dec-16 21:04:07


WeeM Thu 05-Jan-17 23:08:21

I ordered these today in the sale:
They have loads of nice stuff reduced

WobblyLondoner Sat 14-Jan-17 14:28:22

This is ours, from Heals. Flat pack plastic but v easy to assemble.

DorcasthePuffin Sat 14-Jan-17 23:21:58

I have two of these. They're kind of Moroccan style, from John Lewis.

UterusUterusGhali Sat 14-Jan-17 23:27:32

I've realised I hate mine; no ceiling rose and it's oddly proportioned in pics. (Not so much irl.)

namechangedtoday15 Sun 15-Jan-17 18:43:49

I have this over my dining table. Have had it for a couple of years now, really like it and looks very this one

sauronskitten Sun 22-Jan-17 16:45:33

Ballo light by Firstlight for our lounge

Mapless Mon 30-Jan-17 23:20:39

Ooooo Cariadity! Loving that light.

Hopefully Tue 31-Jan-17 06:48:00

Plain off white lampshade from I love the copper inner, gives a nice warm light. We have one of those hipster old fashioned looking bulbs (Edison/squirrel cage) in it, as the bulb is so visible.

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