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sofa with a door behind it?

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user1480889603 Sun 04-Dec-16 22:53:44

I'm moving into a Victorian house with a small double reception room. It has a door to each 'room' and a little bit of dividing wall left which can't be knocked out because it's made of brick apparently.
The front reception room has space for a fireplace, a small bay and the other wall opposite the fireplace is the natural place - the only place - where a sofa can go. As the room is small I want to put the longest sofa possible against that wall. But that means there would be a door behind the sofa (the door wouldn't have to be used as there is another door on the other side of the dividing wall).
What do people think about the look of a sofa against a wall plus a door? I've thought about trying to cover the door and also block the doorway up but wondering if it's a bit unnecessary to get rid of the doorway. - The builder didn't want to do it as he said the door was too nice!
I fear that if I try to remove the architrave and install an invisible door flush with the wall that it will end up looking a bit rubbish and also be an unnecessary expense.

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TiffanyAtBreakfast Mon 05-Dec-16 03:11:41

Tricky! What about installing some of those slim ikea curtain rods right up high near the ceiling, then hang some nice drapey curtains or fabric along that wall to make a bit of a feature, while stealthily hiding the door?

unicornpoopoop Mon 05-Dec-16 03:14:13

My house is the same and I've put a bookcase against the door so you can't even see it then my sofa (which is funny angled) in front of that. No ones ever commented

wowfudge Tue 06-Dec-16 23:04:47

You risk making the room look stuffed with furniture with the longest possible sofa in there. What about something a bit smaller and more in proportion and an armchair or two?

Randonneur Sun 25-Dec-16 20:39:21

My sil has the exact layout you're talking about and I barely ever notice the door. I guess because it's not right in front of you when you walk into the room?

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