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Help me find wardrobes/bedroom furniture

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CrotchetQuaverMinim Sun 27-Nov-16 17:24:10

I'm looking for a bedroom set of some sort. I've seen an ottoman bed in oak that might be OK, for storing stuff that I don't need often, but it doesn't have matching furniture or anything.

I'll be looking at flat-pack type stuff for now, on the cheaper end, but don't necessarily want to go super-cheap like argos etc, as the flat pack stuff I have from there now in other rooms really does look quite cheap.

I feel like I ought to get the rest of the furniture from the same range if possible, apart from the bed, because all these flat-pack 'oak veneer' or 'oak look' etc are very different colours, etc, and I think it will really be obvious that it's cheap - I'm trying to make it look as nice as I can for the money.

So I've seen a few sets online at some of the furniture stores, or even John Lewis has some flat-packed stuff that might be worth it - I like their Montana range, for example, though it's a lot more expensive than some others, so probably not that exact one. But something like it.

The problem is that all the wardrobes are just for hanging stuff, with one small drawer or shelf. And I have lots of jumpers and tops that I usually fold. Where do people put them? The chest of drawers would already be full with socks/underwear/pyjamas/sportskit/etc.

But apart from Ikea, I've not seen many furniture ranges that include also a wardrobe with lots of shelves. I'd quite like either a separate piece of furniture, or a combined wardrobe with lots of shelves. I'd not really wanted to go Ikea again, since so much of the rest of the flat will probably be ikea, but it's hard to find anywhere else that has that sort of wardrobe option. Or maybe I could get a John Lewis or similar set, but then get some kind of extra piece of furniture that is just lots of shelves (and door), but that is different enough looking that it doesn't just scream 'mismatched fake oak -look veneer' (maybe white/black/some other style?).

Any ideas? If I do find a set of bedside table/chest of drawers/hanging wardrobe, in one particular matching set, what sort of piece could I get to go with it that would be good for shelves full of folded clothes?

Or is Ikea really my best option? They are certainly cheap.
(no room for fitted wardrobes, either - all has to be freestanding).

CrotchetQuaverMinim Sun 27-Nov-16 19:22:28

maybe 'linen cabinet' is the word I need to search for?!

Or maybe just some open shelves, like a bookcase or something, though worried that it will look messy very quickly.

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