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Coving... advice please!

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Winniethepooer Sun 27-Nov-16 08:50:25

I'm planning on putting coving up in my living room.

Is it very difficult?
Should I pay someone to do it?

Thoughts please...

lashy Mon 05-Dec-16 19:17:54

Depends how much you enjoy DIY I think... I'm quite hands-on and have done coving several times. I find it easy to do. If you use plaster coving - which is rather heavy - you will generally need two people to hold it in place whilst you tap a few retaining nails in place until the adhesive has dried. If you use one of the modern variants (not polystyrene, which I think looks really cheap), they are so lightweight that you could easily do it single-handedly. Make sure you use a good mitre, a sharp saw, suitable adhesive and double check you've got your angles right before you start sawing...

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