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Sofas ordered from SCS aaaargh!!

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missyB1 Sun 20-Nov-16 14:49:58

Right im getting really worried I wont have any sofas for Christmas after SCS promising i would definitely have them by then.

I ordered them on 13/10 and was told those sofas were guaranteed delivery by Christmas with estimated delivery 16 December, but quite possibly before. Our old sofas got picked up today (ive sold them to a friend who wanted them now), so I thought I'd ring SCS for an update. They now say "estimated delivery 20 December but only an estimate and not guaranteed". I reminded them what they said when I bought them and said I'd rather have a refund now than have no sofas for Christmas. They said "hmmm... well computer says probably the 20th so you should be ok".

What to do? Would I stand any chance of a refund do you think? My receipt does say delivery before Christmas but I'm getting a bad feeling, they were so non committal on the phone. Ive got a feeling I'm fucked!

John Lewis are advertising sofas that can be delivered in 7 days.

scssofas Mon 21-Nov-16 10:34:14


We understand your concerns, and we are more than happy to help. Would you mind sending us an email to, and include your name, address and account number?

Once we receive your email, we will be able to view your order and best advise from there.



missyB1 Mon 21-Nov-16 14:55:45

Thanks Adam I have sent the email.

MissDreanor90 Wed 23-Nov-16 21:52:06

Hello MissyB

I hope you've been sorted but just to let you know, I would avoid SCS at all costs in future and if it's noy sorted I'd cancel the order and go through furniture village ( who take one week to deliver)

I ordered from SCS six weeks prior to moving into my new address. Apparently in the fine print it says they can be 8 weeks late.

'My' sofa came 8 weeks late and it was the wrong sofa / wrong colour
The delivery men asked if they could leave it in my place and swap it later, I said no and made them load it back on their van

I then went into the local store that had the regional wanker manager ( a Geordie cunt) with my bf and his parents ( we were young)

I stood to the side as I was so mad I thought I'd let my bf and his parents handle it.

The manager then out right lied, said that was the colour id ordered through him ( ordered a brown sofa, sofa that came was purple )
1. Id never set foot in that store before that day, as id moved 120 miles to that town
2. My bf ordered it and knows he did
3. It said chocolate /brown on the bloody notes !

We asked for a refund as we'd waited 14 weeks in total
He said "look, you are never ever getting your money back"

And suddenly all the swatches to prove we are right dissapeared from all the local scs shops

We drove 40 miles to another scs shop and found and video recorderd the swatches to prove he was lying and that chocolate was infact not purple

We showed him the video and he said "ok I'll refund"

No apology or anything !

I urge everyone to avoid SCS and spend your money elsewhere !!!

Read the reviews of their customer service

their managers are devious / rude / cuntish and should not be giving any business

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