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Find me some awesome fabric for my rescued sofa

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anotherdayanothersquabble Wed 16-Nov-16 18:09:40

I got this beautiful sofa at the weekend and want to have it upholstered in a 'relaxed' style. We have lots of dark wood, breakfast room green walls, quarry tiles and muted multicoloured wool rug. (Pictured)

I have found someone to do the work, I just need to choose the fabric. I am thinking a few different brightly coloured patterns.

I am also looking for a source of wool I can use to replace the foam as my son is allergic to foam and needs to have natural but not feather materialsm.

Giselaw Wed 16-Nov-16 18:24:00

I found eye watering fabric at huge discount on eBay a couple of years back. If you search for Zimmer + Rohde fabric, look for the seller with nickname advance design something. The fabric I bought retailed for over £100/m and I think I paid something like £10-15/m. It's hard to capture but it's got an amazing subtle shimmer to it in the right light that gives it extra depth.

SpartaCarcass Wed 16-Nov-16 18:30:43

Watching as I have a chair in the same style that I'd like to have reupholstered into something cleaner and prettier.

WoodsTreesWhere Wed 16-Nov-16 18:42:04

Nothing to add - just wanted to say lovely sofa! Great shape.

Gatekeeper Sun 20-Nov-16 15:10:38

where are you op? I was wandering down a little side street in Barnard Castle (Co. Durham) the other day and there is a wonderful quirky little upholsterers with the most gorgeous wool fabrics inside ready to use

Gatekeeper Sun 20-Nov-16 15:12:14

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