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Don't know where to start - Paint colours

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BrassicaBabe Wed 16-Nov-16 14:40:31


We live in a (relatively) new build. When we first had the house decorated I was rather overwhelmed. We were having the whole house decorated while we went on holiday. So we went for magnolia. Top. To. Bottom.

Dull but it worked.

5ish years later and the much of the house needs re-painting. Again I find myself over whelmed. I really don't want to go for magnolia again. The overall effect is just too dull. The nice blinds and curtains etc fade into the background.

I like little greene paints. Help me get started please with some pointers!

Utility room, (main entrance as we use the back door) pale green roller blind, copper lights
Kitchen/diner this blind
Living room - brown silk curtains/blinds with large orage flowers
(the rest can stay magnolia for now!)


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