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Can anyone recommend a company that makes blinds?

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IHeartHoumous Fri 11-Nov-16 09:53:30

Can anyone recommend a company that makes blinds? After the ‘perfect fit’ style for the kitchen and a waterproof one for the bathroom. Imagine local companies are best to go to? We’re in NW London.

Called Blinds 2 Go, they don’t come out and measure – would want a company that do so the onus is on them if it doesn’t fit; got a quote for shutters from Thomas Sanderson last year, it was astronomical so won’t even bother with them for a blinds quote!


80sMum Fri 11-Nov-16 10:01:45

We have used Aquarius Blinds at the business I work for and been very happy with them. They do domestic blinds too, bespoke and always do the measuring up themselves.

DubiousCredentials Fri 11-Nov-16 10:10:33

I've used Web Blinds several times. You have to measure yourself but you can pay a small amount for insurance to cover you if they don't fit.

Loads to choose from and all price ranges. We did our whole house with them one time and highly recommend them.

TupsNSups Fri 11-Nov-16 10:14:51

Web blinds is actually Hillarys, I have been searching for blinds and at least 3 different companies online are Hillarys with different names. I had someone come out from them on tuesday to measure one 600mm round window, They quoted my £400+!!!

DubiousCredentials Fri 11-Nov-16 13:16:39

Yes they are the DIY branch of Hillarys.

UnoriginalNN Sat 12-Nov-16 09:05:38

I used Tuiss, who were fantastic. Really good value for quality products and beautiful designs.

SorrelForbes Sat 12-Nov-16 09:09:34

We're using Blinds UK but again, you have to measure the windows yourself. The firms that come out to your home and measure all seem to be much more expensive.

Karcheer Sat 12-Nov-16 20:29:10

campbell creations, absolutely brilliant.

eviloops Sat 12-Nov-16 20:37:42

Don't ever ever use 24/7 Blinds. Atrocious customer service and took 5 attempts to get 1 blind correct. They posted 5 separate blinds over 8 weeks and couldn't get it right. They still owe me £189 and I just can't be arsed to write another email or make another phone call about it: I've made uncountable attempts.

Absolutely dreadful experience.

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