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Chocolate1985 Sun 06-Nov-16 16:02:53

My shower rail is attached on to the wall with a hook each end (like the ones you would hang curtain tiebacks on) I slid in the shower and pulled to stop myself falling and have managed to bring the hook off the wall and can't get it to go back in . I've tried adhesives however they're not strong enough for the weight of the rail plus the hook to go back in .Can anyone help with an idea of how to get the hook back in ?

wooooofudge Sun 06-Nov-16 22:41:57

Can you post a photo? If the hook was screwed into the wall, some epoxy putty will probably work instead. You mix the two parts together, part fill the hole, push the wall plug in and partially screw the thing back in. Once the epoxy has cured you screw it all the way in.

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