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Table under skylight - what lighting?

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ISeeTrouble Sun 30-Oct-16 22:34:54

Evening all! I was wondering if anyone had their kitchen/dining table under a skylight and, if so, what lighting system do you have? We are planning an extension and will have spotlights in the working areas - over worktops etc, but would like more 'mood' lighting over the table so not keen on spots.

Does anyone have wire tracks in their skylight that you can hang pendants from? I don't know if this will work as our skylight is 1800x1000 and don't like the idea of blocking the sunlight/view of the sky?

Decisions, decisions...

highwoodwitch Tue 01-Nov-16 19:49:42

We have the Large bow lamp from similar to the flos arc lamp but cheaper! Works well over our table and under our roof lantern.

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