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long shot - but has anyone got curtains made from this material?

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Sprog19 Sat 29-Oct-16 12:43:36

Have seen this material in Dunelm and like it, but they haven't got any in stock and have sent a tiddly little sample that doesn't show the whole block pattern. It's a pretty bold statement, so would like to be sure before I order the curtains. I don't suppose anyone has got curtains made from this ( or even a different colourway) and would be willing to post a picture?

wooooofudge Sat 29-Oct-16 15:44:02

How big is the room you are getting curtains for? I think it could be too busy unless it's a large space. I'm not anti-patterns like some, but can't help thinking that the fabric might be better used as an accent with plain curtains in one of the colours. Btw, had a terrible experience with Dunelm making curtains - they overlocked the seams together where the fabric had to be joined (we have wide windows) and it looked terrible. The seams were bulky and didn't lie flat. They weren't willing to rectify them and I end up getting my money back.

Sprog19 Sat 29-Oct-16 16:28:35

That doesn't sound good! The windows are in fact French doors - normal width. The room is long and narrow and we've decorated it in very neutral tones, so it needs some colour - but you may be right and this is too much.

I've managed to find larger samples of the material on eBay so that might help!

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