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Please help me find the right bedside tables

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Excusemyfrench Sun 09-Oct-16 16:24:44

I am going crazy !!
I need bedside tables that are max 75cm high and about 90 cm long.

Ive checked everywhere and those measurements dont exist!! Also they have to be light coloured ( cream/ light grey).

Can you help me please please please !

atticusclaw2 Sun 09-Oct-16 16:26:38

Can you not buy pine and paint them?

Excusemyfrench Sun 09-Oct-16 16:46:06

Well the pine ones I've found are so basic i.e rectangular box. Im looking for something with a bit of style.

atticusclaw2 Sun 09-Oct-16 16:50:18


originalusernamefail Sun 09-Oct-16 16:57:06

Those measurements sound huge for bedside tables. More a small chest of drawers. Most of the bedside tables I have been looking at would be half the size of what your looking for. This fits your measurements but is technically a chest of drawers and not your colours.

adogcalledbert Sun 09-Oct-16 17:11:48

I've just had a look at the JL website, theirs all seem to be 65cm high.
Could you go lower?

Excusemyfrench Sun 09-Oct-16 21:56:39

I found some ! FINALLY ! At maison du monde.

Original thank you so much. I had found the Tabitha but the colour was a bit too dark annoyingly, as I loved the style.

Thank you all so much for your help, I really appreciate it I was going a bit scatty here...

Have a lovely evening X

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