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Making a decision!

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legolammb Sun 02-Oct-16 15:42:56

I moved into my lovely new flat last year and have been slowly getting round to painting and sprucing things up (was previously all Ivory/cream). The problem I'm having is that I'm just so indecisive. I waited years to buy my flat and I've always loved interiors and home stuff. I'm struggling most with 2 bedrooms - 1 spare and my bedroom which are currently both blank canvases. Some days I love neutral Scandi looking decor, but now it's getting colder I'm drawn to winter/jewel tones in the spare room. I've painted the spare in Timeless and will probably do my bedroom in that colour as well, but it's accessories/cushions etc that I'm struggling with.

Does anyone flip their decor around? I'm thinking if I go for Timeless on the wall then I can buy myself a couple of sets of cushions/bedspreads/rugs to swap over if I change my mind or fancy a change. It just seems like there's so much nice stuff out there in the likes of Zara Home, West Elm, John Lewis... I've no idea how to decide

pennygoodlife Sun 02-Oct-16 18:35:13

I j ow it can be so overwhelming. Try to go for neutral basics (walls, white duvet covers) and add colour so that if you do change your mind it's not too costly to replace. Also... choose colours that's hot your personality and that you would normally wear then you'll feel comfortable in your surroundings x

legolammb Sun 02-Oct-16 19:20:01

Thanks Penny, re.colours that I would wear - I wear loads of black as I'm a few stones overweight and self conscious - I think that's why I love interiors and end up veering to the home stores if I'm out in the shops and treating myself to a candle or something instead of clothes. Anyway, that's another issue!

pennygoodlife Sun 02-Oct-16 20:53:13

Yes but what colours suit you? Put them into your home.

Linpinfinwin Mon 03-Oct-16 18:24:25

One poster on the housekeeping board swaps her decor seasonally - she has summer and winter curtains, cushions, rug etc and changes them with the clocks or something. They go up in the loft when not in use.

I am not even organised enough to vacuum behind the sofa so this would not work for me. I think the curtains are the biggest thing really - would you have to have multiple sets of curtains, as that could quickly get expensive.

I do like the concept of jewel colours in winter, scandi in summer.

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