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Graphite colored kitchen

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user1474895415 Mon 26-Sep-16 14:18:31

Hi, I'm considering getting a graphite colored kitchen (shaker style) with light white/grey Quartz worktops. Floor will be light grey tiles. I like it....but What do you think of graphite? Will it make the whole room too dark? Too bold? Date quickly? Help me make a decision please

namechangedtoday15 Mon 26-Sep-16 16:49:51

We are literally in the process of having the kitchen installed - units are in, just waiting for the work tops.

I think it depends on quite a few things - how big is the space, how much light do you have, what is the actual design of the kitchen, what you're having on the walls / floors etc.

We have just extended so have a big open plan kitchen diner - about 6m x 7m with bifold doors, velux etc so it is quite big and light. We have a run of units down one wall (part just base units, then a bank of tall appliance housing units) and then a large island, in frame style. Run of units is "soft grey" - a light grey, and the island unit is "charcoal" (very dark grey). Similar quartz worktop (marble effect), all white walls at the moment and engineered oak on the floor.

Yes I think dark grey is bold, and yes, it will probably date in a few years, but so will most kitchens unless you go really bland (and I didn't want that). I love it, and its my house smile.

Having said that, I think having all of the kitchen very dark grey, even in quite a big light room, especially if you're going to have tall units and / or wall units, would have been over-powering. It might have been too dark.

user1474895415 Mon 26-Sep-16 21:39:36

Thank you for replying name-changed! Our kitchen sounds similar dimensions to yours, bifolds too, and an island. I will have high larder cupboards surrounding a stainless steel f/f, and wall cabinets along one wall. Even still, I still like the idea of graphite doors, with a light floor and light Quartz. But I often have questionable style ideas and want to see what MN would say. Trouble is, it's with Wren kitchens, and because I want real wood timber shaker doors, the only colors I can choose are sage green, alabaster and graphite (oak wood is also an option but that's a definite no no for me). So I can't choose a lighter grey. Do I do it?? It's an expensive mistake if j get it wrong 😁

namechangedtoday15 Tue 27-Sep-16 09:44:11

Have you googled charcoal kitchens on houzz and pinterest? Also do Wren have a "real life kitchens" section on their website so you can see if anyone has done anything similar?

Out of those colour choices, I'd go with charcoal too I think smile - just be clever with the lighting / everything else to lighten it up. Good luck!

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