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Anyone used sticky back vinyl to redecorate their kitchen counters??

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Nikki2ol6 Fri 23-Sep-16 14:15:55

We recently moved and I was saying to the estate agent how much I hated the kitchen and she said her friend used sticky back vinyl to cover her benches and cupboard doors!! This sounds a very cheap way to do it up. 'Anyone tried it?

Ditsy4 Sat 24-Sep-16 08:53:01

No sorry. You could paint them or there are replacement doors if you can stretch to that. It isn't easy to work with. Try some inside the cupboard shelves first till you get the knack.

Katymac Sat 24-Sep-16 08:57:38

You can buy 'covers' for your worksurfaces (sort of like a veneer) I think

Sticky back plastic isn't really hard wearing enough for worksurface - but you can buy special paint too or you can tile them

Plain MDF doors well sealed with paint on can work

But generally kitchens are either very time intensive (lots of coats of undercoat/paint/sealent) or expensive to refurbish

coolpatterngirl Sat 24-Sep-16 09:32:48

Hi Katy, I've been looking for worktop overlays but they only seem to be available in granite. As it's only for a year I'd be keen to know more about the veneers you mentioned. Do you have a link?

Katymac Sat 24-Sep-16 11:26:43

Rolled edge worksurface? if so you can't - if it's square edged it's possible

look here

But there are loads of places that sell it - proper wood places generally

I saw someone do it with laminate flooring once

Katymac Sat 24-Sep-16 17:56:03

Just thinking I did this recently with a combination of stickyback plastic & oil cloth with spray adhesive & it would NOT last in a kitchen.....I'm hoping for a year of rare use (DD's student flat)

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