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Which white paint for a north-facing bedroom?

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tillymint21 Wed 21-Sep-16 22:22:36

We've recently moved and I'm desperate to paint over an oppressive colour in a downstairs bedroom. I read somewhere that when used in north-facing rooms whites work best if they have a slight hint of green. Does anyone know if this is the case and can suggest a good white to use? The skirtings and window frame are currently varnished wood and the carpet is a (not unpleasant) teal blue - for now these will have to remain, but am hoping a good white will really open up the room.

minipie Thu 22-Sep-16 09:54:28

In a n facing room personally I'd go for something with some warmth rather than greeny. Have a look at Farrow & Ball Pointing or Wimborne White, or Crown Soft Linen.

Thelovecats Fri 23-Sep-16 13:05:03

Dulux timeless in a north facing room looks white without the coldness.

user1471473611 Sun 25-Sep-16 16:38:20

I have a north west facing bedroom and painted it all dulux jasmine white - it's amazing - makes it looks full of sunshine despite it not being so - I did use the endurance range to make it more durable as well

jjj789 Fri 30-Sep-16 18:11:25

user1471473611 can I ask what colour you painted your ceiling? We are thinking of jasmine white but not sure whether to do above the picture rail too, and what to do about the ceiling.

AnyTheWiser Fri 30-Sep-16 18:16:29

F&B cabbage white is greeny- white.
I had blackened in a north facing sitting room, and it was lovely.

user1471473611 Fri 30-Sep-16 19:12:20

Jjj789 I left the ceiling as brilliant white - there's a slight contrast which I quite like. But the whole room is white with white furniture so I've layered the colour. I'm looking at a completely different shade for the living room though as it faces a different way.

hollyisalovelyname Mon 10-Oct-16 17:44:15

Jasmine white

tillymint21 Mon 10-Oct-16 18:13:20

Thanks so much for the suggestions - really appreciated. They all look lovely in different ways and I'm following up with match pots to see which works best.

Karcheer Tue 11-Oct-16 20:32:09

I would've thought you'd want a warm colour in a north facing room wouldn't you?
If so, I wouldn't use brilliant White on the ceiling as it has blue in it. Dulux Jabot would be better, its white without any blue. I use it all the time with warm colours.

FlamingoSnuffle Wed 12-Oct-16 06:34:40

I have a north facing lounge but due to the position of our house in relation to the others we get full sun in the afternoon.

The ceilings are brilliant white and the walls are jasmine white (I also have the fireplace wall painted a sort of duck egg blue) and the tables are white.

My hall runs from north to south so gets the sun at different times of the day, and again it is painted jasmine white. It does look slightly different when viewed but it is a lovely clean colour with warmth to it.

I highly recommend it.

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