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Urgent need of a good and professional builder - London

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Todalavida Mon 19-Sep-16 14:33:15

Hi everyone,

We are having a terrible experience with a proper cowboy builder called Martin Kozlowski (MK Builtit) based in NW2.
This guy pretends he's a builder but has only a carpentry degree, and even for woodwork he's delivering a very poor job (he doesn't even cut the skirting board at 45 degrees, but at 90 degrees).
He has no experience, has been in breach of his contract 6 times. Despite 6 weeks delay on the project the guy spent the past week in Poland. He started 2 weeks ago a new job when ours is not completed at all. He has no money and because we are not supposed to pay him before completion he's ripping someone else off now. Hasn't paid 5 of his guys and sub-contractors but he had charged us 90% of the budget when he had performed only 60%!!
Requests money before completion (when nothing is due to him) has totally under estimated the scope of work and the budget needed to complete it.
We got 6 builders in the house lately and they were all shocked buy the poor workmanship he performed.
We have water all over the place (coming from the ceiling, walls....) and have to ensure the house is fixed urgently to avoid more water to come in. He's a liar, manipulator and thief.
Please if you have a good and reliable builder to recommend (covering Greater London or just North-West London) please reach out to me. I would be very grateful.
Many thanks

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