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Bedside lamp and other bedroom ideas for a 4 year old (girl)?

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minipie Thu 15-Sep-16 12:49:58

That's it really!

DD has her 4th birthday coming up and I'd like to get her some bits for her bedroom as she's spending more time there now. She has a nice rug and a clock already.

I think she could do with a bedside lamp but not sure what is best/safest for a 4 year old? Would like it to be easy to turn on but not too easy as she's the sort who'll put it on at 4am and look at books!

We need to get her a new bed (as her sister will need the cotbed she's in soon) - I am dithering between wood and upholstered?

A wall mirror maybe? A canopy for over the bed? Nice bedlinen?

Any recommendations on the above and any other ideas welcome!

gracearchersghost Sat 17-Sep-16 00:37:38

I think a wooden or metal frame will be easier to keep clean.
The White Co, Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston all have lovely bedlinen and Laura Ashley has safety lamps (though they are slightly dimmer than is ideal)
Wall stickers are a nice idea, as is a pinboard -which can be bought cheaply and customized.
I would tend to keep walls plain and add interest with the bedlinen and other details.
A custom-made shade might also be a cheerful focal point.

Jaynesworld Sat 17-Sep-16 19:45:39

If it's a choice between wooden or metal, I personally would go for wooden.

I do like the children's bed linen at next and Dunelm.
I bought my daughter a lamp from Next and it has a sort of light switch jobby on the wire so she can just switch it on easily, instead of under the bulb iyswim? It also has this plastic cover over where the bulb is.

Canopys are really lovely as are wall stickers and a mirror.

Some more ideas:
*String lights on the wall
*Photos of you two together or dad and her in nice frames
*Pretty storage boxes for her toys
*My daughter is into ballet, so instead of putting her tutu away in a wardrobe/drawers I bought a nice wooden hanger and hung it up on the wall using a picture hook.

minipie Sat 17-Sep-16 23:52:21

Thank you! Nice ideas - I will check out those places for bedlinen and lamps. I love fairy lights but are they safe? I guess they're all LED these days so much safer <shows age>

I think we will go wooden bed and then we can have an underbed drawer for storage/sleepover bed later on (by which time hopefully she will sleep better...)

Wondering if I can get a shade for her bedside light in the fabric of her blind...

Thanks again

StepfauxWife Tue 20-Sep-16 21:47:24

I am also on the lookout for a nice lamp for my 3 yo DD so watching was interest!

In terms of other decorations, I am currently obsessed with Little Cloud - beautiful decorations in Liberty fabric and other nice accessories. You'll spend a fortune without realising, however.

AnyTheWiser Wed 21-Sep-16 23:44:05

minipie- there are quite a lot of eBay retailers that will make up lampshades in popular fabrics (e.g. John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Romo etc fabrics).
Pretty sure you'd get a matching blind/lampshade combo.

minipie Thu 22-Sep-16 09:42:54

Thank you! Actually I had a little look round and did find some. Also some places which can make storage bags in the same fabric. So that's a start. Not sure how excited DD will be about storage though grin but it is needed!

minipie Thu 22-Sep-16 09:43:31

Stepfaux they do have lovely things. I've seen those wire names on Notonthehighst and been tempted.

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