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Ideas on party decorations for house and garden

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OldGuard Wed 14-Sep-16 10:37:09

Any simple and inexpensive ideas welcome
I need to transform my home for large party of 75 people

TollgateDebs Wed 14-Sep-16 20:09:09

Jam jars with garden flowers. Change the light bulbs to something with colour. A sweet shop stall / table with jars of sweets, with some little paper bags, so guests can do their own pick and mix. Paper medallions. Balloons filled with confetti.

imsorryiasked Wed 14-Sep-16 20:44:08

Depends what look you want but hema had some great rainbow coloured paper twisty garlands.

TooTweeOrNotTooTwee Wed 14-Sep-16 20:49:37


I went to a 'homemade' wedding recently and they had used bits of tree trunk as the centre pieces on the table, with flowers and candles on them.

Fairy lights are nice too.

TiffanyAtBreakfast Thu 15-Sep-16 08:29:03

Tissue paper Pom pins in different bright colours. Costs hardly anything and looks pretty.

Bunting from poundland.

Buy lots of Babys breath (gypsophilia) and pop it in vases and pots around the garden, dirt cheap but looks lovely.

TiffanyAtBreakfast Thu 15-Sep-16 08:29:24

Pom poms! Don't know what Pom pins are grin

littlemissneela Thu 15-Sep-16 10:49:11

Is it i side or outside you need to decorate?
For outside I have plastic bunting bought years ago off ebay for dead cheap and is rocked out for 3 birthdays a year plus special anniversarys. We have fairy lights all over the garden, a special buy last year from lights4fun, and I also put tealights in pottery plant pots around the garden.

For inside I also do bunting, but have also used long paper streamers. If you have a central light fitting, you can fix them onto the ceiling and drape them out towards the walls and fix them there, so it looks a bit like a circus or marquee tent effect. You don't need that many to make it work. Tealights again in jars around the place, fairy lights around mirrors.

Another nice thing to do is tealight bags (Waitrose used to do them) which you put a bit of sand or gravel in the base and put a tealight in them and I us them to line the pathway to the front door.

For an anniversary, I did heart strings. Cut out simple heart shapes from printer paper and sew them onto a long piece of sewing thread. Hanging from the ceiling and they gently spin in the breeze and cast pretty shadows on the walls.

Hope thats if some help smile

OldGuard Sun 18-Sep-16 15:14:22

Thank you

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