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Similar to Neptune Suffolk sideboard?

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Libertymae Mon 12-Sep-16 09:44:23

I'm desperately searching for a large dining room sideboard, around the 6ft or 2m mark.

I love the Neptune Suffolk sideboards but can't justify the whopping price tag. After many fruitless google searches, just wondered if anyone had come across anything similar in style but less pricey?

Thanks in advance!

justaweeone Tue 20-Sep-16 08:54:24
Bit smaller

justaweeone Tue 20-Sep-16 08:57:36
Then you could paint it and even change handles

justaweeone Tue 20-Sep-16 09:02:24
Then you could paint it and even change handles

Jellum Tue 25-Oct-16 12:59:12

That's an excellent idea!

FairyAnn Tue 25-Oct-16 14:53:52

This looks similar, and cheaper! smile

HereIAm20 Mon 31-Oct-16 20:16:09

Ask a local carpenter if they can make one.

I had one build me the Neptune office cupboard at about one-third of the price.

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