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Buying a sofa without seeing/trying it - would you?

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NeonPinkNails Sun 04-Sep-16 13:14:39

There seems to be a very limited selection of sofas available on the high street - mainly DFS or IKEA round here - but a much wider choice of styles and prices online. Trouble is it seems very risky buying something so expensive without seeing it IRL first. WWYD?

PurpleDaisies Sun 04-Sep-16 13:16:28

Yes, I would. Our friends used for theirs and it was fantastic. We'd definitely consider using them when we need a new one.

Boynamedsue Sun 04-Sep-16 13:19:36

Yep, we got our chesterfield online. My mum said we were mad not trying it before but they had great reviews so we took a chance and I love it!

SlinkyB Sun 04-Sep-16 13:23:20

No, we spent six months choosing ours (2 sofas @ £1400 is a lot of money for us, so didn't want to risk it).

We went to all sorts of places but Park Furnishers in Bristol was one of the best.

roomonmybroom Sun 04-Sep-16 13:27:13

No, and have not done so recently though I did love it, I saw many that looked fab. online then went to see them, never quite as good as they looked online, and very often far too small, uncomfortable, not high enough in the back/arms, just always something, till you get to sit on it and see it in the flesh you cannot be sure.
To be fair to the online company I was considering they had a no quibble return, if you were not delighted, they would pick it back up and fully refund, but what would I do with no sofa for what could be months, having already hunted around for months and not finding one I liked, so would have to find one again first, as the old one would have been disposed of to make room for the new, and we have no where to store an old sofa just in case, so I decided against it.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 04-Sep-16 13:30:16

Yes. We bought a Nabru sofa 6 years ago and it's been great.

Loyly Sun 04-Sep-16 13:32:04

Yeah, we've been lucky with online furniture. My mum thinks we're mad. We have the three-seater Richie with rainbow buttons from It's the best sofa we've had. We also bought the Benarp and Strandmon armchairs from Ikea this way - they're beautiful too.

allegretto Sun 04-Sep-16 13:32:40

No - seen a lot that we like the look of, good quality but just not comfy for us when we tried them.

NeonPinkNails Sun 04-Sep-16 17:23:37

Thanks, think we're going to go with an Ikea one, I'd have liked more choice but am not willing to risk getting something uncomfortable/that we don't like and I guess there's reason a lot of the online only ones are so cheap.

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