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Nice Alarm Clock

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user1470849338 Sat 03-Sep-16 14:01:27

Do they exist? I'd like something a bit stylish. Hubby doesn't want an analogue in case it ticks loudly. We use our phones as we get up separately and I need about 4 snoozes, but I like having the reliability of having an actual clock that isn't going to die in the middle of the night!

At some point in the future I'd love one of those clocks that gradually introduces light to wake you up naturally but they are a bit £££!

conkerpods Sat 03-Sep-16 23:19:27

I have a Lumie alarm clock which I bought for DP and he doesn't like it so I use it. Had it for about 10 years now and still going strong. No idea of cost these days but looks like you've looked into them already.
I don't actually use the alarm!Still use my mobile but I like being able to fade the light right down.

RepentAtLeisure Tue 06-Sep-16 00:18:13

Not stylish tbh, but I use this one because it's reliable

It's mains powered with battery back-up and radio controlled, so if there is a powercut overnight it doesn't need to be reset.

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