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Chiminaea: cast iron or clay?

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SternlyVoice Thu 01-Sep-16 22:36:23

If you've got a chiminaea, what sort do you have and what do you think of it? Currently between two minds about which type to go for.

Sgtmajormummy Thu 01-Sep-16 22:55:20

I was looking at them in May/June this year and wasn't convinced by either. The clay ones are bound to break sooner or later (high temps or just knocked over) and, unless you pay a lot, the painted metal ones will start to rust and flake.

I was intrigued by the ones made from reclaimed gas canisters (Calorgas etc). They must be completely illegal and the people who make them suicidal!

But, to answer your question, I'd go for cast iron which, even though it's heavy, is brittle. My lovely cast iron park bench was blown over in a storm, cracked and broke! I now have a plastic one...

Sgtmajormummy Thu 01-Sep-16 22:59:55


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