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Talk to me about wipe clean tablecloths!

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StepfauxWife Wed 24-Aug-16 18:26:34

Does anyone have any ideas about where to buy these? I can't bear DD slowly ruining our dining table so need to get one.

I want something out of the ordinary, not the usual John Lewis or M&S. Budget is £75. Google not helping!

Any ideas would be gratefully received!

LizzieMacQueen Wed 24-Aug-16 19:17:57

Marimekko do some lovely modern coated fabrics - they aren't very thick but they are wipeable. Might be a tiny little more than your budget, £88 for 2 metres, but definitely out of the ordinary.

Claire12918 Thu 25-Aug-16 13:08:18


Try Franclaire Fabrics. They have a fantastic range of wipe clean tablecloths that are a little different at great prices. www.franclaire.co.uk/

Blueboo0814 Thu 25-Aug-16 16:06:16

Dunelm mill have rolls of PVC tablecloths in all different colours/patterns just measure your table and they can cut it to size in store... I have two messy boys so they are essential and wipe clean easily.
Curry can stain them sometimes but it always comes off eventually!

justaweeone Fri 26-Aug-16 15:09:10

Loads here

justaweeone Fri 26-Aug-16 15:09:44

I rub a bit of bleach on curry stains

RiverTam Fri 26-Aug-16 15:11:05

John Lewis do loads of different oil cloths, I mean they must have at least 50 designs, loads of different styles. So not sure what you mean by usual John Lewis.

LBOCS2 Fri 26-Aug-16 15:11:55

Or Ajax on curry stains.

I am currently lusting after some oil cloth fabric from Tinsmiths to make my next one. I haven't bought it yet as I'm not spending money on one until the dog stops jumping on the table hmm

Boredomismyenemy Fri 26-Aug-16 15:13:46

I've been looking for one recently, and honestly after hours looking I think John Lewis do actually have the nicest patterns tbh!

Bryt Sat 27-Aug-16 09:19:36

John Lewis have a book of fabrics you can look through. Last time I looked they had some really nice, interesting designs.

TronaldDump Sat 27-Aug-16 18:50:54

I've got William Morris oilcloth which I love and doesn't look too awful. Think I actually found it on eBay!

Henrysmycat Sun 28-Aug-16 02:55:00

Depends on your table size, can you look for a glass 'topper'?
We inherited a gorgeous mid century teak table which was a standard size and found the top of a glass table (the legs were broken and binned) on eBay for £10.
Alternatively, any glass specialist will cut you a piece. A friend got that for £75 in Berks.

AppleMagic Sun 28-Aug-16 03:26:00

We got an oil cloth on Amazon (to match our John Lewis cushions though so maybe a bit "usual" grin). I'd love a marrimeko print one now but our new table is ginormous (and also from IKEA so it would probably be cheaper just to replace the table).

Bizarrely olive oil gets tomato based stains out of oilcloth.

StepfauxWife Sun 28-Aug-16 07:43:49

Thank you for all the replies. Some great ideas.

I've been looking at the JL website so I suppose I had better go along and take a look at their range in store if there is more choice.

badaboom Sat 03-Sep-16 17:42:19

A bit of an overkill but I use clear PVC vinyl tablecloth on top of my fabric or oil cloth tablecloth.

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