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They discontinued my floor, how dare they?!

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RatherBeIndoors Mon 22-Aug-16 23:00:05

Very first world problem/ nice problem to have: the builders are hopefully nearing completion of an extension to my bungalow. The hallway and living room have white ash laminate flooring running through them (quickstep perspective 2) so I thought I'd order some more to floor the new bit. Nope, discontinued and I can't find it anywhere.

Does anyone know any good places to track down discontinued flooring lines (I tried eBay...)? A couple of online sites claim to have stock, but when I tried to order they said it was no longer available.

Failing that, WWYD - extension runs across full width of house turning a formerly separate kitchen and living room into a U shape (extension is the bottom of the U). What would you use if I can't get a match? Budget doesn't extend to re-flooring the hall and living room, and anyway I really bloody like the white ash. Pah.

I shall endeavour to get over myself but would love your ideas!

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