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Anyone have a loaf sofa?

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seven201 Thu 11-Aug-16 13:40:52

I'm thinking of buying a loaf snuggalump sofa in wool (sherbet colour). I can't go to the showroom. My husband thinks I'm mad to order a sofa without sitting on it. Comfort is a big priority as we do like sitting and lying on it a lot! We're not sure if the arms are a bit low for good leaning on. I've got swatches so I'm happy with the fabric. Anyone own a loaf sofa and can give me their comfort review? TIA

GinAndOnIt Mon 29-Aug-16 19:33:18

Loaf sofas are the most comfortable things I've ever sat on

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Mon 29-Aug-16 19:34:23

Lovely sofas smile But I would never buy wool because of moths.

Tottyandmarchpane1 Mon 29-Aug-16 19:34:43

We've got a pavlova sofa in blue wool - is very comfy!

dollylucy Fri 09-Sep-16 18:45:54

Did you get it ?
Mine is comfortable when you're sitting on it, but it's really low, so difficult to get up from.
It's a slouch couch

12345a Tue 20-Sep-16 16:04:46

HI there
Im just about to buy 2 of the Flopster sofas in plush velvet, did you get yours?

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