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Where is this dressing table from ?

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butmumineedit Sun 07-Aug-16 07:39:30

My Dd has fallen in love with this dressing table , but we have no idea where it's from. Can anyone find it for me please.

BoGrainger Sun 07-Aug-16 07:48:49

This looks like components from IKEA. A desk top, storage drawers and mirror put together to look very attractive. Have a look at the Alex range of drawers. We've done similar in the past.

BendydickCuminsnatch Sun 07-Aug-16 07:55:56

Yes it's the Alex drawers and a desk top (they do them separately)

NickNacks Sun 07-Aug-16 07:58:32

Yes came to say the same

BendydickCuminsnatch Sun 07-Aug-16 08:09:45 This combo? Might be too long.

butmumineedit Sun 07-Aug-16 09:03:26

Thank you , I did think it might be mega expensive , but thank god it's in my price range . Now just to persuade Dh a trip to Ikea is needed.

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