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Find dds bedding please!

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cuntspud Fri 05-Aug-16 20:46:32

Spam me with ideas please, dd having a new bedroom and she is trying too choose bedding. This is proving to be a more challenging task than necessary! hmm
She is having 3 light turquoise walls and one hot pink, bed to go in front of hot pink wall. Plain hot pink curtains and a mix of turquoisey/pinky accessories
Hot pink, teal, duck egg.
Patterned not plain.
Not "old lady".
Not "babyish".
Single size x 2 different ones grin

HexBramble Fri 05-Aug-16 20:53:15

Next do a lovely patchwork effect
Set. Would look good with those colours.

RozzlePops Fri 05-Aug-16 20:57:07

Hello Kitty Liberty print is gorgeous and fits your colours. How old is DD?

ggirl Fri 05-Aug-16 20:57:09

designers guild

olderthanyouthink Fri 05-Aug-16 21:00:56

Challenge accepted

ggirl Fri 05-Aug-16 21:03:59


olderthanyouthink Fri 05-Aug-16 21:06:28


coffeeandchoc Fri 05-Aug-16 21:06:32$ja=tsid:54955|cid:615943325|agid:28829585326|tid:pla-182088101806|crid:108160854406|nw:g|rnd:10954404893499894052|dvc:t|adp:1o1&utm_content=shopping-prospecting&gclid=CNqp18qIq84CFc4V0wodv28OBg




olderthanyouthink Fri 05-Aug-16 21:07:02

Snap ggirl

olderthanyouthink Fri 05-Aug-16 21:07:51


99percentchocolate Fri 05-Aug-16 21:10:00

Primark has a gorgeous butterfly bedding set with all of those colours. It's a white background with the butterflies in colour. Absolutely beautiful.

BoudicasBoudoir Fri 05-Aug-16 21:11:18

Zara Home?

olderthanyouthink Fri 05-Aug-16 21:28:41


cuntspud Fri 05-Aug-16 21:31:19

Thanks everyone these are brilliant.
She's 13, I found lots of patchwork ones that I thought were lovely, apparently patchwork is too childish!
The la redoute ones are gorgeous, I hope she likes thosegrin
I'll show her tomorrow and see what she thinks!

cuntspud Fri 05-Aug-16 21:33:32

Coffeeandchoc the flamingo one is amazing!

cuntspud Fri 05-Aug-16 21:36:43

Older I thought the dunelm ones were perfect, first place we looked. They're "alright" (with a screwed up face) hmm
She might just have to settle for "alright"

GinAndOnIt Mon 08-Aug-16 07:39:56

I don't have any to add but I hope she picks the flamingo one grin

WhenIGrowUpIWantToBeAPenguin Mon 08-Aug-16 07:49:19

SarahOnfire Mon 08-Aug-16 22:53:44

Not sure if she would think baby ish but I just got a very cool / kitsch unicorn set from primary for dd

PrincessWizard Wed 10-Aug-16 22:40:38

DD1 has this

cuntspud Fri 12-Aug-16 22:21:32

Thanks everyone, the suggestions spurred her on to have a proper look and she finally chose a funky butterfly one from Amazonsmile
Not as nice as some of your suggestions, but hey ho it's not my bed!

cuntspud Fri 12-Aug-16 22:26:07

Sarahonfire I love the unicorn one!
Dh not keen on flamingo or unicorn bedding boring bastard

TollgateDebs Tue 16-Aug-16 21:56:58 - has all the colours!

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