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Help with paint colour/brand

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Givememorewine Mon 01-Aug-16 14:57:54


I'm looking for cream paint to use throughout the house but really struggling to get anywhere as there are just so many different shades and brands! It will have to go with this laminate and a mid-grey carpet, ideally with a slightly darker laminate too. Would prefer not to have grey/blue as we may end up using purple tones somewhere and don't want anything difficult to match. Just something nice and airy that will freshen the house up!

Any suggestions? smile

Rupster Tue 02-Aug-16 14:55:10

Dulux Timeless is a very popular white colour which is slightly creamy. Or how about good old Magnolia if you want something more creamy than white?

You can't go far wrong with either of these!

Bambooshoots14 Mon 08-Aug-16 16:09:31

Crown antique cream is nice smile

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