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Where do you keep your shoes

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Tallulahoola Wed 27-Jul-16 11:19:24

if you live in a small house? I need inspiration!

We live in a small Victorian terraced house with one of those narrow hallways that is only wide enough for a person to walk down, definitely no room for storage. We - me, DH and DD(3) - have cream carpets on the stairs (I know, I know) and the upstairs rooms so always take our shoes off downstairs. But there's nowhere to put them so we end up with about 8 pairs of shoes kicking around the floor somewhere waiting to be tripped over. There is one big living room and a kitchen downstairs. All my nice shoes are in the wardrobe but I'm talking about the ones we wear every day, so trainers and my husband's work shoes and DD's shoes. We don't have much wardrobe space and anyway I worry that putting smelly trainers in a closed wardrobe isn't a great idea. DD has drawers and no wardrobe. It's one of those houses where every bit of available floor/wall space is taken up either with a bit of furniture or a radiator/door. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem and had solved it?

HereIAm20 Fri 29-Jul-16 15:05:55

What about one of those cloth shoe hangers that go on the back of a door if you have an understairs cupboard?

Tallulahoola Sat 30-Jul-16 23:16:53

Thanks, that's an idea. In my fantasy life the cupboard under the stairs is a lovely storage space. In reality it's a horrible, musty hole full of DH's junk...

ShelaghTurner Sat 30-Jul-16 23:52:30

Also live in a Victorian house with no hallway and we have one of these in the corner of the dining room. It's not a perfect solution but it's the best we could do.

seaviewplease Sun 31-Jul-16 07:34:10

Can you buy a narrow basket to sit in the hallway as you're only wanting storage for 3 peoples' shoes?
I would put the current shoes in there and the out of season flip flops/knee length boots in your bedrooms.

As its narrow can you place the basket either at the end by the stairs (if that's where the stairs start) and you can sit in stairs to put shoes on or nearer the front door.

outnumberedismylife Sun 31-Jul-16 07:48:50

We've had the under stairs converted to cupboards which pull out on drawer runners. One is for shoes and two for coats and bags. I love it! The shoe one does turn into a dumping ground but at least it's not visible!

AllThreeWays Sun 31-Jul-16 08:16:00

Ikea does a shoe storage cupboard the is only about 25 cm deep. The sections drop forward to slide shoes in then flip's then into an upright position

AllThreeWays Sun 31-Jul-16 08:16:51

Oops not 25 cm it's only 15cm or so

MoonlightMedicine Sun 31-Jul-16 08:23:03

Following as we have a huge pile of shoes that needs sorting!

WreckTangled Sun 31-Jul-16 08:26:34

Shelagh where is that from?

OP we have the same problem only we don't even have a hallway. Front door opens into sitting room right in front of the stairs and the sitting room door opens to the kitchen. It's a nightmare.

ShelaghTurner Sun 31-Jul-16 09:24:54

It's IKEA. Called Hol I think and was the easiest IKEA thing I've ever built! They do the long one above or a smaller square one.

WreckTangled Sun 31-Jul-16 09:31:47

Thank you! I think that'll be perfect for us

Tallulahoola Sun 31-Jul-16 15:26:55

Thanks, that IKEA cupboard looks great but I can't think of an available bit of wall space. Will put some proper thought into it though.

Outnumbered can I be rude and ask how much it cost to transform your bit under the stairs? That's my dream. Although that's our only proper storage space so currently houses the hoover, the mop, a gigantic toolbag which is never used but which DH insists he needs, oh and also the gas or electric meter is on the wall under there which might be problematic for converting it with shelves I suppose

outnumberedismylife Sun 31-Jul-16 21:07:48

It was expensive, about £2000 I think but has transformed the space. Will try and find pictures.

Tallulahoola Sun 31-Jul-16 22:52:22

Ooh thank you!

Rupster Tue 02-Aug-16 09:40:05

We have one of these tall thin Ikea shoe storage units which is 30cm deep, but if you don't have room for something like this then the obvious choice would be to tidy up the space under the stairs so everyone can keep at least two pairs of shoes there. You could put a small rack in there to keep them tidy.

outnumberedismylife Wed 03-Aug-16 13:05:47

Sorry, forgot about this. Pics here: before, half way, after (before painting). No meters to worry about in my case though.

Oblomov16 Wed 03-Aug-16 13:31:05


something like this? or were you looking for something much more expensive looking?

Oblomov16 Wed 03-Aug-16 13:32:36

wooden one looks a bit better.

Tallulahoola Fri 05-Aug-16 13:16:10

Oblomov the problem with those is that, ridiculous as it may sound, I don't have any spare space against a wall to put it. Cupboard under the stairs might have to be the answer.

That looks fab outnumbered. This is what the cupboard under our stairs currently looks like blush

JessieMcJessie Mon 15-Aug-16 19:36:36

What does the back of the understairs cupboard door look like?

Do you have any outside space? If so, could you get one of those sturdy plastic storage containers for out there to store the tools and tins of paint etc, clearing space for your shoes in the hall cupboard? Or can the stuff not needed daily go into an attic? I think you could definitely make better use of that cupboard. Once space cleared I'd suggest having one dump box for each of you- I am never convinced that day to day shoes need to be placed carefully in pairs on racks. Smarter work shoes could go on the back of the door on one of those frames or pouch bags.

As a fellow narrow Victorian hall owner I do sympathise! I love our house but do covet a wide Edwardian entrance hall.

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